Just by the way… My name is Zuzanna Koziatek and most people like to call me Zuz, or Zeus. I’m not sure why, but whenever I meet new people and tell them my name, they forget how to correctly pronounce it after about a week. Once, I even had a boyfriend who introduced me to his mother as Suzanna. Unacceptable.

So, therefore, I like Zuz, or Zeus.

I am a psychology and English major; and that is basically the oddest combo, but like I told my mother – literature is psychology but psychology isn’t literature and I just had to do both. I’m graduating this year (hopefully). It’s been a long journey since I started college, but it hasn’t been without reason. I have a lot of writing from my heart to share with my audience, an audience I will (hopefully) have.

I am twenty-two, living in the beautiful, vibrant city of Cleveland, Ohio. I have been a resident of this energetic town since I came to the States from Poland, at ten years old. I work in a restaurant downtown, providing the most excellent customer service to my guests, and I own a tuxedo cat, Sir Theodore.

So… those are some definite things I know about me; the rest, perhaps, my writing will reveal.